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Körperpeeling Lemongrass


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Sugar peeling with the pink Himalayan salt and lemongrass. 120g

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Sugar scrub with the pink Himalayan salt and lemongrass is excellent for upper skin peeling, smoothes the skin and leaves the skin moisturized and elastic. When applied tomorrow, it has an energizing and refreshing effect. Nourished skin regains its shine and remains long-scented with essential oils. Saturated and appropriately greased skin needs no body lotion.  

We give him the Shea Butter, which nourishes deeply, as well as aromatic citrusgrass oil, which has a refreshing and energizing effect. A drop of grapefruit oil prevents the formation of cellulite and protects against streaks on the other hand gives hibiscus, which is rich in vitamin C, our scrub unusual color. Ideal ritual for those who want to stimulate their body and senses with a bit of exoticism. 

What can you expect?
Smell: citrusgrass  
Effect: peeling, smoothes, moisturizes, nourishes and energizes.

circular motion to rub into the skin and wash with warm water.

Due to the salt content, it should not be used on injured skin. Essential citrus oils can be phototoxic, so do not use the exfoliator before exposure to the sun.