Bamboo Brush

DENTTABS Bamboo Brush

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Bamboo Brush for adults

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The DENTTABS Bamboo Brush is made of untreated bamboo. Bamboo wood is a fast growing resource. Due to the rapid growth, there is almost no other more sustainable resource on earth.

The bristles are made of nylon-6. Our recommendation: pluck the bristles with pliers and throw them into the recycling bin, the handle of bamboo in the organic waste. The brush is not (yet) 100% plastic-free, but 100% recyclable!

Ideal for polishing with DENTTABS Toothbrush Tablets. Available  here  in our shop.

And another tip:
The real reason to replace the toothbrush is the germ case. So if you do not mechanically break your toothbrush, you can significantly extend your useful life by occasionally heating it above 60 ° C (eg also in the dishwasher). We've had the best experience with both our standard toothbrush and our DENTTABS Humble Brush!